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Welcome to Nc Therapy Dogs, where wagging tails bring comfort and joy! We specialize in volunteer dog therapy services for hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and beyond. But that's not all—we offer a range of training courses to transform your furry friend into a certified therapy dog, along with obedience training and personalized emotional support animal services. Eventually, if we are able to raise enough money we will do free training for select community members who need a service dog or emotional support animal but cannot afford one. 

Beyond traditional settings, our therapy dogs are available to bring smiles to special events like work functions, weddings, fundraisers, and more. Our canine companions genuinely love spreading happiness wherever they go.

Let your dog become a beacon of hope and happiness with Nc Therapy Dogs.

If you would like to volunteer and join us in our mission to bring happiness to people in challenging circumstances, give us a call or email for our onboarding process. 

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